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June 03, 2024 6 min read


The links and information listed here are things Craig Wright has said or written in an attempt to convince people he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. I pulled a list of forgeries, fakes, plagiarism and lies and copied and pasted from Bitcoinfiles.org

Note: This page was originally mirrored from Cult of Craig - Github, now defunct.


A New, Safer Home for StopCraigWright.com

If you are looking for Stopcraigwright.com, you have come to the right place.

Due to reasons that shall remain undisclosed, the original website was taken down by the original author.

However, we have taken custody of the site from him for the good of the community and have relocated all of its content, word-for-word, here on Privacy Pros.

Please enjoy and get informed - Faketoshi must be stopped!

About StopCraigWright.com

This anthology was built by the Autonomous A.I. that Craig S. Wright did not work on, and was created to provide an index for all of the claims made by Craig S. Wright. All information has been provided voluntarily by members of the Bitcoin community. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

Forgeries, Fakes, and Plagiarism

  • WikiLeaks has consistently helped check the validity of Craig S. Wrights claims. Link to Cult of Craig Github here.

  • Craig Wright edited old blog posts to link himself to the Bitcoin whitepaper

  • Craig Wright faked PGP keys

Web Archive
  • Craig Wright forged contracts and emails

Web Archive
  • Craig Wright faked threats

Web Archive
  • Craig Wright faked a public key signing

Web Archive
  • Craig Wright faked knowing how to code ASM

Web Archive
Web Archive
  • Craig Wright faked David Kleiman’s signature

That time that Craig S. Wright faked Dave Kleiman’s signature

  • Craig Wright backdated documents to the ATO. “Craig Wright, has admitted that he backdated these invoices.” Fined $1,893,714.50 penalty.

  • Craig Wright forged a 2001 pre-Bitcoin whitepaper draft. He did so to shift the goalposts of Satoshi to favor Bitcoin SV.

  • Craig Wright plagiarized a paper on Bitcoin Script being Turing complete

  • Craig Wright plagiarized a paper on selfish mining

  • Craig Wright plagiarized a paper on block propagation


  • Craig Wright plagiarized a blog post on script. From Wikipedia.


Experts Stating Craig Wright Is a Fraud

  • Nik Cubrilovic (security expert): Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

  • Peter Rizun (Bitcoin Unlimited chief scientist): rejects Craig Wright’s claim that Bitcoin can be faster than light speed.

  • Charlie Lee (Litecoin inventor): I can’t believe some people still think he’s Satoshi.
  • Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum inventor) writes 59 tweets about Craig Wright’s talk: Craig Wright is crazy and he stands up at conference and calls Craig Wright a fraud.

  • Amaury Sechet (Bitcoin ABC lead developer) and Vitalik Buterin refute Craig Wright’s negative gamma comment.

  • Peter Rizun (Bitcoin Unlimited chief scientist) calls out Craig Wright lying about him.

  • Paul Sztorc (TruthCoin’s chief scientist) calls out mathmeatical errors in Craig Wrigt’s paper.

CSW is a fraud telling desperate LargeBlockers what they want to hear, veering into Econ for the purpose of desperate obfuscation.

Paul Sztorc (TruthCoin’s chief scientist)

  • Andrew O’Hagan (London Review of Books editor) writes about how Craig Wright was paid $15M to claim he was Satoshi to escape financial difficulties.

  • Craig Wright’s mom says he’s prone to lying.

  • Krawisz suggests that Craig Wright is over the top to specifically attract a non-technical following. See also Microsoft research paper on Nigerian Prince scam emails.

  • In 2010, security expert says Craig Wright’s writing is “complete drivel and even laughable”.

  • Craig Wright claims secp256k1 can do pairing . Andy Polestra (Director of Research at Blockstream) refutes and Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum inventor) refutes , refutes more , and re-refutes.


Craig Wright Attacking Cryptocurrency Experts

  • Craig Wright attacks Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer

  • Craig Wright emails Roger Ver, “welcome to bankruptcy … you are my enemy. You have fucking no idea what that means. You will.” Result: Roger Ver is not bankrupt.



Technical Competence

  • Craig Wright misunderstood Satoshi’s Bitcoin code

  • Craig Wright poses with nonsensical math to show off his mathematical proficiency

  • Craig Wright didn’t understand Bitcoin transactions

  • nChain staff amazed by gaps in Craig’s technical knowledge

  • Those who have worked with Craig Wright say he is not capable of being Satoshi

  • Craig Wright misunderstood opcodes and hash vulnerabilities

  • Craig Wright relied on technobabble and social manipulation with Peter Rizun


In Relation to Satoshi

  • Craig Wright called Bitcoin “bit coins”. Satoshi never used this naming

  • Craig Wright sold “Satoshi revelation” to nChain for “about ten million”

  • Craig Wright claimed to be a lawyer specializing in Finance Law, posting a picture of his degree dated 1 year before Satoshi stated he was not a lawyer. Craig got his law degree in 2008. In 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto said that he was not a lawyer.
  • Craig Wright: Anonymity is the shield of cowards. My life is open and I have little care for my privacy. (2008)

  • Craig Wright: Bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency. At no point have I said that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Satoshi: Maybe [cryptocurrency] is a word we should use when describing Bitcoin. Announcing version 0.3 of Bitcoin, the P2P cryptocurrency!


Social Media Shenanigans

Other Lies

  • Craig Wright lied about owning MtGox’s Bitcoin
Screenshot of web archive
  • Craig Wright falsely states he doesn’t want fame or money

  • Craig Wright claims Julian Assange is a rapist. Assange wasn’t charged. Stockholm’s Chief Prosecutor closed the rape case due to no offense being disclosed. Victim said, “it was the police who made up the charges”.

  • Craig Wright claimed to have “a couple doctorates” in 2015 and on his LinkedIn. Neither were produced in his wheelbarrow of degrees stunt. Doctor of Theology: Nobody can find it. Supposed University denied it. PhD: University denied it. Finally was rewarded one in 2017. It has math errors.
  • Craig Wright lost a bet with Peter Rizun. He refuses to pay and tried to lie his way out of it.

  • Craig Wright admitted to faking blog posts for Wired

  • Craig Wright: Turing never said that things had to be infinite. He never once in his life mentioned that. Alan Turing: we say that the machine has infinite memory capacity.
  • Craig lies about registering the Bitcoin.org domain

On April 12th, 2019 Craig S. Wright wrote a Medium article where he claimed to have paid for the Bitcoin.org domain with a credit card with an attached screenshot of the receipt.

In that article, Craig wrote, “This is the source of Vistomail and the registration of the domain bitcoin.org.” He then shows this screenshot.

He continues, “What you don’t realise yet is that I used my credit card. Yes, as crazy as it might seem to you, I used my credit card to purchase anonymous services.”

Unfortunately for Craig, It was quickly discovered that anyone could purchase these services on existing domains.

Craig S. Wright claims to have sent an email to Dave Kleiman on 12, March 2008. He claims to have used an email from a domain that was not registered until January 23, 2009.

  • Craig botches the BTC genesis block date

Satoshi Nakamoto announces the v0.1 release of Bitcoin six days after the genesis block is mined.

Craig S. Wright creates a document dated January 10, 2009 stating the Bitcoin beta will go live January 11, 2009. That is 8 days after the genesis block was mined, in case you are as bad at math as Craig S. Wright.

  • Craig cught lying about his wallets

This one is important. It is Craig S. Wright being caught lying about his Bitcoin wallets.

Notable Appearances

  • In the video bellow, at 23:25, Craig Wright does not appear to know what signed/unsigned integers are.

  • Craig Wright claims to be working on AI and evolutionary code (obviously never happened)

  • GQ magazine releases hilariously sweary audio of Craig Wright interview.


  • Deleted CSW LinkedIn page: 22 pages long

  • Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre offered $5,000 USD to doxx someone


Who is Craig Wright?

Craig Wright is an Australian computer scientist and businessman who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin.

Is Craig Wright the real Satoshi?

According to his sayings, yes he is. According to much of the media and the cryptocurrency community, no he is not, and this is backed by all kind of proofs.

Does Satoshi Nakamoto own Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, mined 1.1 million Bitcoin, in the first seven months of Bitcoin’s existence. This amount of Bitcoin worths about $10 billion, but it’s untouched to this day.

What is Bitcoin whitepaper?

Bitcoin whitepaper is a groundbreaking work published in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and it was published in 2008.

What is Blockchain technology?

‘Blockchain’ comes from the ‘blocks’, which are individual records, that are linked in a single list, called ‘chain’. So, blockchain is digital record of transactions with cryptocurrencies.