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If you came here to get your very own Billfodl, you've come to the right place. Just hit the button below to shop all of our Billfodl products and accessories, and make sure to use offer code WOODS for $5 off a Billfodl.

If you need a little more information, you can read on in the section below to understand how the product works and why you might want to grab one.

Do You Own a Trezor, Ledger, or Keepkey?

  • When you bought your cryptocurrency, you might have purchased one of these devices to securely store your coins.

That was a smart move. One of the best ways to lose money is to leave your coins on the exchange you bought them on, such as coinbase or gdax.


Hardware wallets offer a cheap, relaible, and secure way to store your private keys.


There's just one problem...

Your Only Backup is a Piece of Paper...

  • When you first set-up your hardware wallet, you were asked tow rite down 12 to 24 (seemingly random) words.
  • You may be surprised to know that this is your only backup of the device. Should something happen to your hardware wallet, you'll need these words to recover your coins.

So what happens if something happens to your device and your recovery seed, like in a house fire or a flood?

Enter the Billfodl

  • That piece of paper is finshed the moment there is a fire or flood in your home or wherever you choose to store it.
  • The Billfodl, however, utilizes marine-grade 316 stainless steel to protect your seed against any "Act of God" that your decive may be put through.


Consider this a very cheap way to insure your coins from threats outside of technical failure, and at $79.95, that's cheap insurance.

Protect Your Coins Now! Don't Wait Until It's Too Late.

Make sure to use offer code WOODS for $5 off a Billfodl.


It’s made of solid steel. We tried to destroy it and couldn’t.

While not even Helm’s Deep is impregnable, relative to anywhere else, storing your keys or Seed Words in a Billfodl will allow you to sleep easy at night.

You should store your Billfodl somewhere you can ensure it will be secure just as you would any important document or high value item. However, given it’s extreme durability, don’t limit yourself to traditional hiding places. Whether you choose to put it in a safe, bury it in your back yard, seal it in a wall, or bolt it under your desk is completely up to you!

Indeed it does! We only have one product, and it was designed to support all private key types: Hexadecimal, Alpha-Numeric (Wallet Import Format), and 12, 18, and 24 word seed phrases. We designed it so there was no confusion for our clients. It doesn't matter what kind of key or password you are storing

You can find the answers to more commonly asked question on our FAQ page or you can contact us directly at support@billfodl.com.



"I had a seed written in a paper note book that I put in my safe which was 4 1/2 feet off the ground. During Hurricane Harvey, we got 6.5 feet of water. I had $1 million of Factom. Now I have nothing. Never again."

Jake H.

"The wallet was super simple to set up and the build quality seems really high. Will be recommending to all my friends holding Bitcoin keys on paper."

Welsey P

"Worth every Satoshi! Great product. It's HEAVY. Like Chiseling your secret key in stone, only these guys will do the chiseling for you (blindfolded). This thing is PRETTY. and WOW customer support. Bryan went above and beyond."

Protect Your Coins Now! Don't Wait Until It's Too Late.