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The Fodl Hodler | Hide Your Billfodl Discreetly

Already have a Billfodl? Up your game with the Fodl Hodler! This 3D printed sleeve comes with a set of 4 screws and allows you to mount your Billfodl somewhere out of site and away from the view of those who might want to take your coins. Screw it into the bottom of your desk or inside your air conditioning duct (where only Gordon Freeman or JC Denton might run into it). 3M tape also works if you don't want to screw the unit into your furniture.

Screwing it into your furniture or wall too much of a commitment for you? No big deal; you can pick up some 3M tape and use that instead, and always keep thieves guessing. 

Take your HODLing to the next level with the Fodl Hodler!