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June 05, 2024 3 min read




What’s a Faraday Bag?

Faraday bags are a simple and convenient way to protect electronic devices from interference.

They’re named after Michael Faraday, an English scientist who made a number of breakthroughs in the field of electromagnetism.

Most Faraday bags use copper mesh to protect from radio frequencies and electromagentic signals. It’s like a physical Airplane Mode for your phone or any other device within the bag.

You can use a Faraday bag to protect any electronic or Internet-connected device. A Faraday bag will block your phone’s GPS signal, your credit card’s NFC chip, and the Bluetooth signal to and from your Bluetooth enabled crypto hardware wallet.

Who Should Buy a Faraday Bag

  • Anyone with a smart remote control for their car who wants to protect themselves from hacks or theft
  • Owners of Bluetooth-connected hardware wallets who want to protect their crypto holdings to the highest degree
  • Individuals or organizations who are concerned about privacy and tracking
  • Anyone who just wants extra peace of mind

Mission Darkness Basics

mission darkness front

Mission Darkness products are made by MOS Equipment. On their website, MOS prominently appeals to law enforcement and military organizations looking for “digital evidence isolation,” among other things.

MOS Equipment is based out of Santa Barbara, California. They claim that the “majority” of their products are made in the U.S., though due to lack of availability some components are produced overseas.

Mission Darkness Faraday bags come in a range of sizes and designs. Today we’ll be reviewing the “key-fob” size bag.

mission darkness keys


The Mission Darkness key-fob Faraday bag retails for $16, plus $5.00 postage within the U.S. There’s no free shipping, though you can pay up to $72 for next-day delivery.


Let’s get hands-on with the Mission Darkness Faraday bag.

The Mission Darkness’s exterior is made of water-resistant (not waterproof) nylon. The interior is a metallic silvery woven mesh.

mission darkness top

The bag has an elastic strap on the front that holds the opening flap down. There are no press studs or velcro, and the elastic is not tight enough to remove any possibility of the flap coming out and the bag opening. This is a major problem: you want your Faraday bag to be well-sealed and stay that way even when it’s getting bounced around in your luggage or pocket.

The design of the bag ensures that there are two layers of signal-blocking material held together when the bag is closed, but if this comes undone from beneath the elastic strap it’s rendered useless.

mission darkness open

The bag has a loop on the back which makes it convenient to attach to a belt. Maybe this explains the elastric-strap design: it seems that Mission Darkness is sacrificing security for ease-of-use.

mission darkness back

Mission Darkness Support

Mission Darkness has a range of promotional brochures on their website outlining product details. Many of these appeal to government and law enforcement agencies.

They also have a contact form on their homepage, a Santa Barbara number to call with any questions, and a support email address.

We cannot recommend the Mission Darkness Faraday bag. Its elastic-strap design does not adequately secure the bag, leaving it vulnerable to coming open when you least expect it.

If you’re in the market for a key-fob/smartphone sized Faraday bag at an attractive price, check out the Privacy Pros Faraday bag, with its much more secure velcro fastening.

We give the Mission Darkness a score of 5.0 out of 10.


Is the Mission Darkness safe?

The Mission Darkness will do a decent job of protecting your electronic devices from radio wave and electromagnetic radiation. However, Its elastic-strap design does not adequately secure the bag.

Which is best - Mission Darkness, Silent Pocket, or Privacy Pros?

All three Faraday bags are quite similar, and the signal-blocking materials they use all do the trick. However, they each have different fastening mechanisms. The Mission Darkness uses a simple elastic band, while the Silent Pocket uses more secure press-studs. But Privacy Pros uses velcro, which seals the bag completely and minimizes the risk of it opening unexpectedly and allowing interference to enter. For this reason, the Privacy Pros Faraday Bag is our pick.