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June 05, 2024 3 min read



What’s a Faraday Bag?

Faraday bags are a simple and convenient way to protect electronic devices from interference.

They’re named after Michael Faraday, an English scientist who made a number of breakthroughs in the field of electromagnetism.

Most Faraday bags use copper mesh to protect from radio frequencies and electromagentic signals. It’s like a physical Airplane Mode for your phone or any other device within the bag.

You can use a Faraday bag to protect any electronic or Internet-connected device. A Faraday bag will block your phone’s GPS signal, your credit card’s NFC chip, and the Bluetooth signal to and from your Bluetooth enabled crypto hardware wallet.


Who Should Buy a Faraday Bag

  • Anyone with a smart remote control for their car who wants to protect themselves from hacks or theft
  • Owners of Bluetooth-connected hardware wallets who want to protect their crypto holdings to the highest degree
  • Individuals or organizations who are concerned about privacy and tracking
  • Anyone who just wants extra peace of mind

Silent Pocket Basics

silent pocket front

Silent Pocket is a manufacturer of Faraday bags. It’s difficult to see on their website where exactly they’re located, though on the product packaging they say Designed in California. Made in China.

Silent Pocket has a number of sizes and designs available. Today we’ll be reviewing the “key-fob” size bag, though in reality it’s big enough for a hardware wallet and most smaller smartphones too.


The Silent Pocket Key Fob Bag retails for $29.95, plus $5.00 postage. For free shipping within the U.S., you’ll need to spend more than $200.

That puts it on the more expensive end of the market. For this price, you’d hope to be getting a premium product.

Unboxing & Contents

The Silent Pocket comes in a plastic bag. It’s only sealed by a zip-lock, so there’s no way of telling if the bag has been tampered with or inspected.

silent pocket packaging

The Silent Pocket’s exterior is made of weatherproof nylon. The interior is a metallic-looking woven mesh, with a distinct coppery smell.

silent pocket undone

The bag is sealed by two press-studs on the outside and a sealing mechanism on the inside which overlaps two strips of reinforced mesh to keep out any signal. There’s a lip that folds over when sealing the bag to close off any possibility of interference getting through.

silent pocket open

Silent Pocket Support

Silent Pocket has an FAQ on their website that goes through some basic questions buyers might have. There’s also a contact form, and a U.S. number you can call.

The Silent Pocket is a pretty standard Faraday bag. It’ll do the job, but there’s no compelling reason to spend more when you’re not getting any additional features.

We give the Silent Pocket a score of 5.2 out of 10.


Is the Silent Pocket safe?

The Silent Pocket will do a decent job of protecting your electronic devices from radio wave and electromagnetic radiation. However, it’s more expensive than many competitors and doesn’t offer much to justify its price tag.

Which is best - Silent Pocket, Mission Darkness, or Privacy Pros?

All three brands will protect your devices from electronic interference. As they’re essentially the same product, there’s no reason to pay more when you’re not getting any additional features in return. For this reason, the Privacy Pros Faraday Bag is our pick.